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Mixed setup

jannylundjannylund Member Viestejä: 13
I just got Cozify, so things will change. This is the current setup I'm running.

Philips Hue Bridge(homekit version):
- 3 * Hue Color E27
- 10 * Hue White E27
- 4 * Hue Go
- 2 * Hue Dimmer Switch

Homebridge (+ node-red). 433MHz through Telldus Duo.
- 10 * ESIC temperature / humidity sensors.
- 4 * Nexa Power outlet.
- 4 * Sonoff wifi outlet (reflashed to ESP-Easy)
- x * ESP8266 running both 1-wire and relays. Controlling lawnmower robot area among others.
- 1 * Nexa Doorbell
- 3 * Ruuvi Tags
- Gardena R70Li with robonect wifi card. Controllable over wifi.

Homekit (through Apple TV 4)
- 1 * Elgato Eve Room
- 1 * Elgato Eve Weather

Cozify (Lähivakuutus paketti)
- Foscam C2
- ...

- Everything except Elgato and Cozify trends into Grafana.
- Integrations to FMI for fetching weather + prognosis for +4h, +8h and +12h.

This might seem a bit complicated, but *everything* integrates into Apple Homekit and can be controlled and scheduled from there. Except Cozify which now seems like the most locked down part. :(

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    PudemanPudeman Member, Administrator, Beta-käyttäjä Viestejä: 1,209 admin
    Miten olet noita Ruuvi Tageja hyödyntänyt?
  • Valinnat
    jannylundjannylund Member Viestejä: 13
    editoi syyskuu 2017
    As regular temperature / humidity sensors. 2 of them have been logging for three months in "high precision mode" (see attached).

    EDIT: Pressure is configured with wrong unit in Grafana.
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    AMRAMR Member Viestejä: 86
    jannylund, so did I understood correctly that you have combined RuuviTags into Cozify system somehow through Telldus Homebridge? Is that via GitHub plugin?

    I do have bunch of RuuviTags but originally I was planning to "support" them with Omega2 separately but if there's a way to combine RuuviTags visible to Cozify that would be interesting.
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    jannylundjannylund Member Viestejä: 13
    AMR: No, ruuvitags go into node-red and grafana. I haven't found any way to integrate cozify in to the rest of my setup though, so now considering discontinuing it.
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