Developer API - any ETA?

jannylundjannylund Viestejä: 9Member
Finally purchased Cozify thanks to Lähivakuutus. First impressions are that it looks very nice on paper, but it's extremely locked down.

From the forum, it seems there have been many promises on providing an open API, but so far the only solution seem to be the unofficial python API. Are there any status updates at all on this? Overall it seems that Cozify has one of the most competent hardware solutions that covers a lot of sensors, but without an API it means I can either limit myself to what the app supports, or just go with something else.

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  • samppasamppa Viestejä: 339Member, Cozify mod
    We have given the API docs and Python examples under NDA to some selected developers since the SDK is not yet robust enough that releasing it publicly would not cause too much support overhead.

    What kind of features you would be implementing?

    Best Regards,
    Samppa / Cozify
  • jannylundjannylund Viestejä: 9Member
    Samppa: Primarily I'm interested in an integration to node-red, to that way allow integration to anything. (homebridge, etc). Of course the optimal solution would be covering also streaming of events out from Cozify.
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