Why are there two separate forums for cozify?

jannylundjannylund Viestejä: 9Member
What's the reason that you have one finnish forum at http://forum.cozify.fi/ and one english on https://support.cozify.fi/support/discussions ? None of them seem super-active, and for some reason they have separate user accounts. (also this finnish version does not support https?!)

I suggest you would consider merging these into one to get some more discussions going on.

Viestejä yhteensä

  • PudemanPudeman Viestejä: 424Member, Beta-käyttäjä ✭✭✭
    Siitähän se iloinen sekamelska syntyisi, kun osa kirjoittaisi suomeksi ja osa englanniksi samaan ketjuun..
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